With the development of the organization’s business, we will consistently require youthful, inventive, creative, excited, and self-restrained individuals seeking career in SEO, web development, Graphic Design and content writing. The company also regularly arranges to listen to employees’ feedback, actively discovering problems, and making improvements. We are on a journey to become one of the most popular companies in the industry and would love to have you alongside us during this journey.

Why Join Webgrid Technology ?

A Dedicated And Energetic Professional Team Looking To Develop Cutting Edge Technology Products For The Clients As Per Their Requirements.
Webgrid Technology Aim To:-
Be the ideal employer for employees by providing them an environment to grow.
Become the ideal web development company for clients by helping their business grow.
Assist customers, employees, and the company to grow together
“We at webgrid Technology create methodologies, thoughts, and imaginative activations with one objective: to produce an incentive for brands and individuals.
We are a team of professionals and work with one of the best creative mindsets in the industry.

From web designers to developers of the mobile app developers,
From the Graphics to the LOGO designer,
From SEO expert to digital marketing managers,

Each of our resources are committed every day to deliver the best product as per the requirement and an amazing customer experience. We stay up to date on the technology and design trends, we use the training infrastructure to sharpen our skills to help you use the web as a powerful means of communication.

Our Team Consists Of

Website and Mobile Developers (CodeIgnitor, Laravel, WordPress, Android and iOS)

Software Tester (Manual and Automation)

Graphic/logo designer

System Administrator (AWS Consultant)

SEO and Digital Marketers

Content writers

Business Development

HR and Project Manager

Roles Of Our Employees

Our Working Style

In our company, team members expertise in their specialization, works to create a complete and professional experience. At the base of everything, there is always customer satisfaction, the ability to achieve the agreed objectives. Without boasting, deceiving, and doing our best to deliver better than promised results. Every time in every scenario even if they are unlikely: this is what we strive for.

Our team works like an orchestra: Every one with their own expert skills working together to deliver the best result and experience like a tune or melody!!

Roles In Our Company

We believe in the concept of servant leadership or leading by example. We have an open door policy and are always open to listen and work on any employee feedback as we believe if we can take care of our employees they in turn will be taking care of the clients for us!!

careers in Graphic Designer in Dehradun


The graphic designer is the one who designs the layout of the pages and the graphics making your site attractive and user friendly. The main role of the graphic designer is to provide the site with the necessary aspect to make the customer journey in your website a smooth experience.


Develop a bug free code. Make sure the product is made as per the requirements. Remove potential obstacles from the user journey for an amazing experience. Developers working tools are: HTML, ASP or PHP, SQL, C or .Net, XML, Javascript or Java.

careers in Web development in Dehradun
careers in software tester in Dehradun

The Software Tester

Responsibility of the software tester is to test the code in order to check for any unexpected results that the product can give in different scenarios. Test engineer is responsible for making sure that the product is functioning as per the requirements, design test cases, set up a test environment, execute test cases, writing test reports, performing different testing such as manual testing, regression testing, load testing etc. and only after testing the product developed and finding no errors releasing the program. It’s the responsibility of the software tester to ensure that the product abides y the highest QC standards as defined in the company’s policy
Testers working tools are: Manual Testing or Selenium

The Server Administration

He maintains the website/application data in the servers. He is the person who based on the data will determine if a particular application needs to be hosted in AWS having load balancer or if it should be hosted in the shared server. Apart from this it’s also his job is to configure, introduce, regulate, and improve organization workers and related parts to accomplish elite of the different business capacities upheld by the workers.
Server Administrator working tools are: Cloud or physical server

server administration in Dehradun
content writer in Dehradun

The Content Writer

The criticality of content writer is been recognized in the recent years. One of the problems of companies is that only people who have sufficient knowledge of the subjects covered by the site do not have time to write the contents that will then have to go on the pages. It is often the owner, the manager of an office, a director, or an expert in a subject. The content writer is the person who transforms knowledge in simplified form so that visitor can be engaged as well as given the necessary product information.
Content Writer working tools are: Words (It’s said pen is mightier than the sword)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyst/consultant is the person who has the responsibility to give your business the required visibility as per your expectations on the internet, making sure that there is relevant traffic and visitor’s necessary to achieve the objectives. In SEO optimized projects, the SEO gives their expert opinion in the design and development stages, assisting the web designer, the graphic designer, and the developer. In other cases, SEO expert gets involved in the project when the site is completed by having the pages modified to optimize them or using systems external to the site.
SEO Analyst/Consultant tools are: Knowledge of Google crawlers, Google Pay Per Click

SEO careers in Dehradun
Digital marketing careers in dehradun

Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing manager deals with:
1.Generate visibility on social media and virtual communities (Ex: Facebook, LinkedIn. Instagram)
2.Drive traffic to the website using social media ad campaign.
3.Plan, Execute and Manage social media campaign.
They create a platform to have a conversation with users/consumers and establish affinity. The company, through its corporate blog or social networking site, brings sender and recipient closer together.

Seeking Career in SEO, Web development, graphic designing and content writing ?

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